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Site renamed “Creation of Now”

This site has been renamed “Creation of Now” to better reflect its subject matter. This was a phrase Fourth Way teacher Maurice Nicoll used for being conscious in the present moment—a major theme I explore here.

Compare Similar Author Quotes in Slideshow Galleries

All pictorial comparisons of similar author quotes, displayed in my various articles, have been brought together in a slideshow gallery. Most compare the words of Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle; some also feature Barry Long. Viewed as a collection, they illustrate many thematic and descriptive commonalities.

Gary Lachman to Pen new Maurice Nicoll Biography

Author Gary Lachman is to release a new biographical book on Fourth Way teacher Maurice Nicoll, whose work I’ve been discussing here at my blog. This is welcome news. Lachman is one of today’s foremost writers on the history of western esotericism/mysticism and its influence upon, and relevance to, our culture and consciousness.

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