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Exploring the ancient inner tradition of self-knowledge in modern times

Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 5: The Negative Contagion Within

In his bestsellers, Eckhart Tolle tells us we have a “pain-body” carrying our “living past”—a concept closely resembling ideas in Maurice Nicoll’s earlier writing. View side-by-side comparisons of more than 40 similar statements they’ve made.

Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 4: Negative states

Eckhart Tolle writes that negative states are contagious, toxic, cause illness and misery, yet we take pleasure in them like a drug—echoing what Maurice Nicoll wrote decades earlier.

Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 3: The Inner “Power of Choice”

Eckhart Tolle closely corresponds with Maurice Nicoll in describing how self-observation gives us a conscious “power of choice” over how we react to people and events. By becoming responsible for our inner states, whatever happens in life, we can attain “inner freedom” and inner peace, they similarly explain. View side-by-side comparisons of their words.

Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 2: The Light of Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle mirrors Maurice Nicoll in making “the light of consciousness” integral to the practice of self-observation and inner spiritual change. Self-observation brings our dark, unconscious aspects into the light of consciousness, they say, making inner transformation possible.

Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 1: Self Observation

The way Eckhart Tolle teaches self-observation, an inner practice for self-change, has much in common with Maurice Nicoll’s earlier writing on the subject. Similar extracts are compared side-by-side in this article, showing a close correspondence between these authors.

Eckhart Tolle & his Predecessors on the Present Moment or “Now”

Before Eckhart Tolle popularised the “Power of Now,” other Western authors wrote about the present moment. This articles features some comparisons with some of his precursors, which show clear similarities. Passages are presented side-by-side, so they can easily be compared.

Site renamed “Creation of Now”

This site has been renamed “Creation of Now” to better reflect its subject matter. This was a phrase Fourth Way teacher Maurice Nicoll used for being conscious in the present moment—a major theme I explore here.

The Law of Opposites and Inner States: Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle Compared

Eckhart Tolle bears a striking similarity to Maurice Nicoll in describing a law of opposites affecting all life and our inner states—and how to reach a state of consciousness with “no opposite.” A detailed comparison of their remarkable similarities on this theme.

Essence, Personality and the False Self: Comparing Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle on Three Aspects of Self-Identity

What do we mean when we say “I”? Authors Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle describe three distinct aspects that shape our core sense of identity—and the answer. I explore how they closely correspond on these concepts yet differ markedly on other self-knowledge matters.

Shifting Perspective on Life: Comparing Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle on Self-Observation (Pt. 3)

Self-observation allows us to take responsibility for our inner state, whatever life’s external conditions, Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle convey. We can see and transform inner reactions as they happen, they suggest, and gain “inner freedom.” I examine their many similarities in describing how this practice shifts our inner approach to life.

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