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Summary of Eckhart Tolle & Maurice Nicoll Similarities Pt. 2: The Light of Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle mirrors Maurice Nicoll in making “the light of consciousness” integral to the practice of self-observation and inner spiritual change. Self-observation brings our dark, unconscious aspects into the light of consciousness, they say, making inner transformation possible.

The Light of Consciousness: Comparing Maurice Nicoll and Eckhart Tolle on Self-Observation Pt. 2

Maurice Nicoll vividly described how self-observation casts “the light of consciousness” inwards—illuminating “the darkness of unconsciousness” and transforming it. In doing, he fused Jungian ideas with Fourth Way methodology. I explore how Eckhart Tolle echos Nicoll on this theme, both descriptively and conceptually.

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